The soul of the universe…


New stem cells can be created if you make the environment around normal cells, more… stressful (e.g. acidic). (1, 2) (although this discovery was later doubted – see here and here)

Everything can become life. Life is in everything. What we consider dead, has the potential to become alive. What is alive, entails death.

People in the old days believed universe was alive. Should we stop making fun of this opinion? Dying is just something we imagined, something we invented. Living is just something we imagined, something we invented. Arbitrary characteristics, based on nothing.

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Oh, you fool human!

Oh, you arrogant men!

What made you think you can define life?

The soul of the universe penetrates everything.

Who are you to deny its existence?

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  1. skakos

    We decide our words. So we decide “reality”. What we “see” is what we want…

  2. The Wisdom of Life

    How did we arrive at the scientific conclusion that awareness is a byproduct of biochemistry – that somehow awareness emerged from a corpse like tomb we call the cosmos when even in our limited view all forms of awareness are composed of that same cosmic fabric – even though everything we know about life says that life comes from life – we somehow deny that status to all things. What justification do we have to draw the awareness bracket solely around biology, other than it is our own perspective, and perhaps a byproduct of our own prejudice and ignorance.

    Once we afford ourselves the possibility that the entire cosmos is life – a concentric womb of nourishing developmental events drawing us to a certain maturity appears before our eyes. A living breathing cosmic nurturer communicating through structure and form that we can cultivate a nourishing reality if we learn and live by her nature which is also our own, We would hear the voice that speaks through our very structure and the fabric of the delicate dependencies on which our breath is sustained that our fulfillment is nested in nourishing sustainable growth in the context of the whole community of life and that this is the way toward our fullest most satisfied experience of life. – once we afford ourselves this possibility, that there is no such thing as death – this message and more appears before our hungry eyes. Just a thought.

    1. skakos

      So true. Life and death are our creations. We are more powerful than we think…

      1. The Wisdom of Life

        I don’t know too much about power, but I am fairly certain we have a shallow and potentially partly blinded and distorted view of reality because we see it through our words. It does not seem like an effective way to navigate.

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