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A giraffe killed because its DNA was similar to the others! (what?!?) (1, 2, 3, 4)

Genetic screening in its most wrong version.

Now you can die because something MIGHT happen in the future! (or maybe cut your breasts, thanks to Angelina Jolie) And the possibility that the giraffe did not reproduce or was hosted by another zoo simply did not qualify as solution for the stupid Danish people (see “Denmark. Maasai. Primitive. Civilized.” @ Blogger Harmonia Philosophica for more) at the zoo…

Stupidity, arrogance, hybris (ὕβρις)…

For a long time we had the power to decide who will live and who will die.
Now we can even decide who will live and who will die based on the most stupid reasons.

Something dark clouds our judgement.
Something dark lies inside our soul.
We believe we are Gods.

But a God is not judged by what he does.
A God is judged by what he does not do…
And we tend to do a lot…

Staying silent.
Empty your mind.
Live and let die.

Stop being a human.
Start being a God.