Mapping a brain. Infinite level of analysis. Monads. Decisions…


Mapping the human brain is a noble goal, but a rather ill-defined one. It’s like making a map of the United States. You could just show political boundaries and the locations of cities. Or you might depict geographical features like mountains and rivers. Or transportation routes, like interstate highways and railroad tracks. You might even go Google Maps all the way and show the location of every individual house. (1)

And it is not only about what you will map but at which level you will do the mapping as well. Try to map a coast from an airplane. Then by walking on it. Then by measuring it at a mm level. Then with a SEM microscope. There is literally no limit. (unless you believe science will stop “discovering” atoms…)

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Anything can be analyzed at any level and from every perspective.
Does that mean that no analysis is more valid than the other?

Could the possibility of infinite levels of analysis imply there is actually only one level? Can a universe full of different objects sustain uniqueness for any of them? Could every different object be the “same” with any other objects under a specific framework of analysis?

Something too obvious lies hidden under our nose…

Could Monads be everywhere around us?
But again, I wouldn’t know. It is YOU who decide!


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