Lunar robot. Wrong funerals. What is “News”?


It seems that the Chinese lunar robot proclaimed “dead” recently, is not dead after all… (1, 2)

But who declared it dead in the first place?

How do the people who make the news learn about the… news?

Journalists have stopped bothering to go at the source of the events to learn about the events. They just listen to someone else who says something about the events. Learn the news only from the people who make them.

You may think that this is impossible. And it is. But only if you care about news from people who are too far away from you to affect you.

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The level of analysis is determined by us.

We decide what is “news” and what is irrelevant.

When we start caring about the irrelevant, then we end up caring about the… irrelevant! Care about your home. Love the ones close to you. Leave others be. And no, learning about the new iPhone or the stock of Facebook will not make you happier. Learn your own ecosystem. Focus on the important things. And you will always KNOW THE “NEWS”!

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