Kleiber’s Law, evolution, geometries of species…


Scientists believe to have found the reason behind the validity of Kleiber’s Law in how animals and plants develop their shapes relatively to their size and mass. (1)

Some day we will know everything related to why we are as we are.
Some day we will know everything related to our body, our shape, our size.
Some day we will know everything related to our metabolism, to our biology.

When that day comes, an old man standing in the corner will simple ask… “So what? I am happier than you and I don’t know anything. I will die younger and yet I consider my self more lucky!”.

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Oh, you wise man.

Where were you when we struggled to find the secrets of life in lifeless notions?
Where were you when we were eager to even kill in order to save someone’s life?
Where were you when we became so blind that we saw life even in anything besides us?

We now live longer.
And yet we are already dead…

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  1. skakos

    And you know that this is manufactured (interesting word…) by your brain how?

  2. jbw0123

    Speak for yourself! Not dead yet. True, I’m not very heroic.

    We can’t help ourselves when it comes to opening the lid and looking inside to see how things tick. That’s part of what makes us human. Unfortunately, we mistake our consciousness for who we are, so dying seems unimaginable, rather than the big reality. Is that what you mean by we’re already dead?

    1. skakos

      What do you mean by “we mistake our consciousness for who we are” ? Isn’t your consciousness who you are? Are you something “else” that the “I” speaking inside your head?

      1. jbw0123

        The “I” manufactured by my brain, is partly who I am, but only a small part. Most of me carries on busily below the level of consciousness.

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