What is really important. Nobel prizes. Women…


We believe they are lucky. (1)

But we do not see how miserable they really are.

Perhaps the best trick of them all, is that unhappy miserable people with money and glory have convinced “common” people that they are better and happier than them.

But happiness does not come with glory or money. Happiness comes from a woman happy next to you. From all the people ever lived, we most look up to the only one who had nothing in His possession.

Seek the empty, if you wish to be full, said Tao. And so we must all do if we are to truly live. The rich, the famous, the “important” try to persuade us that being rich, famous or “important” is the quintessence of life. But we should know better. They should know better.

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I do not pray for a Nobel prize. Higgs prays for not losing his wife…

What you think important is unimportant. What you think unimportant is everything…

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