Wise vs. Clever.


She learned to read, then for a challenge she taught herself Spanish – at the tender age of 2. Her parents took her to the doctor, where IQ tests put her in the top 2% of test-takers, with an IQ of 160 – the same as Albert Einstein’s. Her doctors told a reporter that her IQ was “off the scale.” (1)

In the era of measuring, we can find “genius” everywhere.
Soon small children will solve puzzles faster than light.
And measuring their performance will lead to the “discovery” of a whole new generation of “clever” people.

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But it is “wise” people we need. Not “clever” people.
Solve any puzzle you want within any time-frame you wish.

Love is what we need. Caring.
Not more Sudoku super solvers.

Are you wise enough to see the difference you stupid modern man?

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