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Good books. Bad books. Hidden truth…



Good books are sold to fewer people than the best selling books-for-the-masses and are, thus, more easily sold out. [e.g. “Scientific Literacy and the Myth of the Scientific Method” from Henry Bauer] (1)


they are so hard-to-sell that they are extremely expensive to buy [e.g. “Types, Tableaus, and Gödel’s God” from Gödel]. (2)


Knowledge has its own special way of becoming extinct. Truth has its own special way of hidding itself.

What you seek is out there already. But very well hidden…

The universe is heading towards a state oh higher entropy. Towards a state of less knowledge. Let’s try to go back to the beginning. Where everything was part of the Truth. Where we were all parts of what we now seek as God! Luminous times those were! And we can have them back! But the truth cannot be found in the books available. The truth is hidden in the unavailable.

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We can become wise again. Only if we stop reading books. Only if we start thinking on our own…

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