Scientific dogmatism, basic research, arrogance…

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For years, some biomedical researchers have worried that a push for more bench-to-bedside studies has meant less support for basic research. Now, the chief of one of the National Institutes of Health’s (NIH’s) largest institutes has added her voice—and hard data—to the discussion. Story Landis describes what she calls a “sharp decrease” in basic research at her institute, a trend she finds worrisome. (1)

Only if we acknowledge the problems at the most basic level of knowledge, can we afford the luxury of thinking more deep.
Only if we kill dogmatism at the initial steps of our thinking (aka materialism, mechanistic view of life etc) can we make true and free science.

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We try to solve complex problems without first understanding the basics.
We try to do science without first studying philosophy.

Like arrogant children, we are in a hurry to go to the university.
But we are still in the 1st Grade.
And we will stay there until we decide to truly face the assumptions on which we base our arrogance.

Stop thinking too much you arrogant man!

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