Fungus eating the DNA-determined dream… No peniciline available!



Difficult to categorize.
A problem to taxonomy.

Neither animals nor plants.
Even member of the same species can have different properties and appearance.

Good thing we have the DNA analysis to determine they belong to the same species. (1)

But wait a minute.

The DNA says they are the same species even though… everything else says they are not?
Could it be that the simplest assumption we ever made, the all-too-powerful DNA god, has lost its validity?

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The truth like a fungus always finds a way to spread.
And when it does, it conquers everything in its path…

Species, DNA, shapes, forms.
Choose whatever you like to define the norms.
There will always be someone else who decides differently.

Are you a human?
Are you a fungus?
Who knows… 😉

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