Pills, language tests, state control. Just… f*%$#CK everyone! (materialism included)

cadet chinese class

Until recently, it’s been used exclusively in U.S. government agencies and military schools. But now, a test for how easily a person will become fluent in a foreign language could be made available for civilians. Nautilus – the site where the article appeared – calls the test “one of the first civilian benefits to come out of America’s war on terror.”

Nautilus looks at some of the science—and yet-unproven theory—behind the test, called the High Level Language Aptitude Battery, or Hi-LAB. In short, some of the latest thinking posits that some people have better brain hardware for reaching high-level fluency in another language as an adult. You’ve probably heard a lot about how the brain is primed for learning languages in childhood. There’s even evidence that a pill could induce that childlike learning state in adult brains. The Hi-LAB researchers found, however, that certain adults naturally seem to learn language similarly to the way kids do. Hi-LAB is designed to find those adults. (1)

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The state know what is good for you.
Your genes define who you are.
You cannot do something you are not meant to do.
Unless you take the right pill.

All the WRONG MESSAGES based on all the wrong ideas.

You are God.
You can do anything.
Fuck all advice!
You are not obedient matter!
You are a bright star inside the cosmos!
Fuck everything I said to you!
Just… do what you want!
And make it happen!

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