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It is generally well known that men have an overall shorter life expectancy compared to women. A recent study shows a correlation between a loss of the Y chromosome in blood cells and both a shorter life span and higher mortality from cancer in other organs. (1)

Men tend to believe they are stronger.
Men tend to believe they are wiser. (see “Midwifery. Witch hunts. Men’s prejudice. Medicine & dogmatism.” or “Women and Science…“)
Men tend to believe that women were created FROM men!

Could it be that it is the OTHER WAY AROUND?
Could we (men) be the by-products of women?
Could we be an incomplete version of the whole-person a woman represents?

Women. Feminism. And society’s war against men… [Or “Titanic sinking. Men silent. Any more women?”]


See the world with humility.

Stop believing you are stronger than others.
Stop believing you are the center of the world.
And everything will be better.
For everyone…
Starting from your woman.

Practical philosophy. At your service! 🙂

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