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Bacteria language… Staying silent… Being wise…


Bacteria seem to be have a more complicated “language” than we thought. They can communicate with each other not only via single “words” (in the form of chemical signals via a single specific molecule) but also via combinations of these words!!! (1)

Language seems to be inherent to every living being.

It seems that we are not at all unique due to the fact that we can intelligently communicate via a language.

But how important is language?

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The best knowledge is transmitted though the lack of words – not via the excess of speech. Pythagoras, Parmenides, Christ, Buddha said far less than the actual wisdom they transmitted. When will we understand that what makes us so special is the fact that we can stay SILENT?

The wisest men stay humble in front of the cosmos. Shhhhhh….

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  1. The Wisdom of Life

    I wonder if this is the origin of what we call Universal grammar (UG) is a theory in linguistics is actually not hardwired into the brain as such, but exists at a cellular level and perhaps beyond… food for thought. Thanks for posting this.

    1. skakos

      Could be… In general it seems there is somewhere some kind of (a priori) knowledge on which our knowledge is based upon…

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