Absolute synchronization. Non-thinking…


The human mind can rapidly absorb and analyze new information as it flits from thought to thought. These quickly changing brain states may be encoded by synchronization of brain waves across different brain regions, according to a new study from MIT neuroscientists.

The researchers found that as monkeys learn to categorize different patterns of dots, two brain areas involved in learning — the prefrontal cortex and the striatum — synchronize their brain waves to form new communication circuits. (There are millions of neurons in the brain, each producing its own electrical signals. These combined signals generate oscillations known as brain waves, which can be measured by electroencephalography – EEG) (1)

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But the absolute synchronization looks like lack of any movement.
The state of the most active thought, looks like the total lack of thinking.

Listen to the trees.
There is something deep in nature.
And you have to stop thinking in order to understand it…

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