Solar flares. Catastrophology. Science as a Religion.


Solar flares are powerful bursts of radiation generated on the sun’s surface, each one many times wider than our planet. They can cause disturbances in Earth’s atmosphere, disrupting GPS and radio signals. The disruptions can last for as long as the flares, anywhere from minutes to hours.

That is exactly what happened on Tuesday, June 10, 2014, resulting in short blackout periods in high-frequency communications that lasted for a few hours. Polar-route airline flights are typically lengthened by these disruptions. Two back-to-back giant flares emerged from the southeastern region of the sun and each one produced a billion-ton cloud of charged particles directed toward Earth. The flares were classified as X2, according to NASA. An X-class storm denotes the most intense flares, and an X2 is twice as intense as an X1. However, the sun wasn’t done yet, as a third powerful flare erupted from the same location on Wednesday, June 11 2014. All of the flares were caught on camera in real time by a NASA spacecraft, the Solar Dynamics Observatory. (1)

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Science and catastrophology.
As the new religion, it needs the threat of possible disasters in order to survive.
How else can we keep funding it?

Religions have truly evolved.
Christianism talked about possible bad things, that could be avoided if you wanted so.
Science talks about unavoidable catastrophies for which we cannot do anything as lifeless beings that we are.

We call our selves progressed but again we need to threat people in order for them to like science.
But Christianism attracted people to its ranks even though believing in it was a risk.

Start believing again to what you have forgotten.
Stop believing in religion.
Start believing in Religion instead!

You know its true.
You are just too afraid to believe in you.

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