NASA, Mars, extroverts – A guide to the stars…


As NASA focuses considerable effort on a mission to send humans to Mars in the coming decades, psychology researchers are looking at what types of personalities would work the best together on such a long trip.

Now, a new study finds that on long-term space missions — such as missions to Mars, which could take as long as three years to complete a round trip — having an extrovert on board could have several disadvantages. For example, extroverts tend to be talkative, but their gregarious nature may make them seem intrusive or demanding of attention in confined and isolated environments over the long term, the researchers say. (1)

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Most people talk too much.
Most people are afraid to stay alone with themselves.
But staying alone is the only true test of one’s philosophy and composure.
Staying alone is the only true way of talking to the only person that is indeed real.

Stay closed to your self.
And you might get to the stars.

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