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  • Afraid.


    Afraid? Presence of a stranger can have a calming effect. (1) We are never alone. But we are afraid when we believe we are alone. Look around you. Talk to the forest. Shhhhhh… You do not need any reassurance. It is the forest that is terrified! Tell the cosmos not to be afraid. You are […]

  • Who wrote what? It matters not.

    Who wrote what? It matters not.

    The 17th century playwright Molière is as important to French literature as William Shakespeare is to the English canon. But for the past 100 years, a question has swirled around him: Did Molière really write his plays? Or was Pierre Corneille, another famous French playwright of the time, the true author? A new study uses […]

  • Back in time…

    Back in time…

    Time, as far as we know, moves only in one direction. But in 2018, researchers found events in some gamma-ray burst pulses that seemed to repeat themselves as though they were going backwards in time. Recent research suggests a potential answer for what might be causing this time reversibility effect. If waves within the relativistic […]

  • God… Can you feel me?

    God… Can you feel me?

    In a survey of thousands of people who reported having experienced personal encounters with God, researchers report that more than two-thirds of self-identified atheists shed that label after their encounter, regardless of whether it was spontaneous or while taking a psychedelic. (1) Feeling God changes you. We humans try to understand whether this feeling corresponds to […]

  • Invisible table…

    Invisible table…

    Making objects invisible is no longer the stuff of fantasy but a fast-evolving science. ‘Invisibility cloaks’ using metamaterials now exist, and are beginning to be used to improve the performance of satellite antennas and sensors. Many of the proposed metamaterials, however, only work at limited wavelength ranges such as microwave frequencies. Now, scientists report a […]