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Religion 1, Science 0. Yesterday the US Supreme Court ruled that forcing small companies to provide women with free contraception was a violation of their religious freedom. Anti-abortion campaigners celebrated but others have criticized the decision for not taking the scientific evidence into account.

One of the mandates of President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act is that companies must provide health insurance that offers free birth control. This was challenged by Hobby Lobby, a craft store chain, and Conestoga Wood Specialties, a furniture maker. The Supreme Court ruling states that these companies – and other small family-run businesses like them – may opt out of providing their employees with birth control coverage if the methods conflict with their religious beliefs.

The two companies that brought the case believe that life begins when a sperm and egg meet. They are not opposed to birth control methods that prevent fertilization, but condemn those that prevent the implantation of a fertilized egg – believing this amounts to abortion – citing the morning-after pills Plan B and Ella, and two intrauterine devices as examples. (1)

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We are a society of death.

We fight for the right of dying.
Because we do not yet realize what life actually is.

Science has become a tool of politics.
Science has become a media of philosophical dogmatism.

We laugh at religion which teaches life, because we love death.
When does life begin? When does life end?
We are ready to define things the way we like just in order to gain some more carefree sex.
We prefer to kill,
in order to gain comfort.
We prefer to kill,
in order to gain pleasure.

We believe we are civilized and evolved.
But we are primitive and disrespectful.
Tagging that “scientific” does not change our true nature…

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