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Left handed. Right handed. Human.


Men born in November, December or January are more likely of being left-handed than during the rest of the year. While the genetic bases of handedness are still under debate, scientists obtained indirect evidence of a hormonal mechanism promoting left-handedness among men. (1)

We believe we are bounded by our nature.
We believe we are born who we are.

But our true nature is that we define our nature.
Our true nature is our free will.

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Most people just live by what they have.
We have only learned to crawl, so how can we start flying?
We must start believing into our selves.
I know it is difficult.
Let’s start with a simpler task.

Start believing into your hands.

Extend your “bad” hand.
Write a word on paper.


A new world is out there waiting…


Do you see?

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