I fly because I have feathers! (not… vice versa!) I think because I don’t think!


The bladed, quill-like feathers of modern birds are essential for flight, and over millions of years they have become highly specialized for this purpose. But this may not be the reason they first evolved, say researchers studying an unusually complete fossil of the world’s first bird, Archaeopteryx. Instead, the team believes birds first grew these feathers for other purposes, such as insulation or mating display. The discovery raises the intriguing prospect that flight may have developed multiple times in the ancestors of birds. (1)

An ancient Greek philosopher had said that a long long time ago.
We walk because we have feet.
We do not have feet because we need to walk! 😉

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What is the purpose?
How can there be one without any cause?
What is the cause?
How can you seek it without any purpose?

Oh, you shallow man.

Relying too much on your eyes…
Believing too much your mind…
Be free from thought.
Be free from your mind.
Be ready to fly!

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