Cities. Smart people. Stupid people…


Cities are more crowded, more polluted, and more stressful to live in than any other kind of man-made environment in the world. But they are also where the smartest people want to live. A new study of American mobility patterns suggests that people with higher intelligence are more likely to be moving in and out of cities. Among them, those individuals who originate from rural towns exhibit the highest forms of intelligence. The findings, now online, will be published in the September/October issue of the journal Intelligence. (1)


I don’t know about you, but I believe that maybe the researchers should stress the “out of cities” in their conclusions. Sure everyone living in cities looks too much intelligent when he is trying to pass between cars and get to an unhealthy work he does not even like doing, just to earn some money and go to holiday on the… countryside where the “stupid” people live…

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Think again.
The ones who seem stupid are the really intelligent ones.
The ones who believe are intelligent are…
Well, you know…

Stop being arrogant.
You are not the center of the world.
You are not the center of anything.
You can be the center though.
If only you choose not to be in it…

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