Tortoises. Heart. Brain.

Tortoises are using their cleverness to do more than just win long distance races against hares–now they’re moving into the field of touchscreen technology.

Researchers from the U.K.’s University of Lincoln have successfully trained four red-footed tortoises (native to Central and South America) to touch different objects on a screen. In a video from the university, one of the test tortoises can be seen using his head to tap either a blue circle or a red triangle as they appear on a monitor. (1)

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Tech savvy turtles.
And we believe WE are advanced…

Is there anything that any living beaing with a brain cannot learn?
Does it really matter what can we learn?

Or could it be that more important is what we feel?

Start feeling proud of your heart.
You brain is nothing special.
Ask your nearest tortoise.

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