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Babies come in all shapes and sizes – or so you might imagine. But according to new international growth charts, a healthy fetus or newborn baby should look broadly the same, regardless of ethnicity or its mother’s size. The charts have been developed to help identify signs of under-nutrition, stunting, wasting or obesity at the earliest possible stage of development, so that they can be addressed. (1)

Our mania to find equality will destroy us at the end.

Our mania to be politically correct will hinder our way to the truth in the end.

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Why should ALL babies be the same size?
I guess in some years from now all babies will have the same IQ.
Or the same EQ.
Or the same colour of hair.

We fear the differences.
And yet it were those differences which helped us reach peaks.

Take a look at your self.

Are you the same size with EVERYONE else?

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