Release from hospitals. The new dark ages of science…


Michael Schumacher discharged from hospital, ‘difficult road’ still ahead. Or in other words: Michael Schumacher “released from hospital”, as the main page of the CNN said on 9/9/2014. (1)

Odd, how we use the same term for the release of someone from prison, to his exit from a hospital.

Foucault knew something.

We are all prisoners in schools, hospitals, societies.

The illogical has become the new logical.

The majorities oppress the wise minorities.

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We fear death and illness, even though we do not know what they are.

Our life is not our own.

It belongs to society.

Science knows better than you.

You MUST stay alive.

You MUST fear dying.

Because there is nothing more than your body.

Welcome to the new dark ages.

Full of science…

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