Microscopes as the Death of Science…


Two Americans and a German researcher on Wednesday were awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for their work fine-tuning optical microscopy so that molecular processes could be viewed in real time.

The 2014 laureates in chemistry are Eric Betzig of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute in Virginia; Stefan W. Hell of the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry in Germany; and William E. Moerner of Stanford University in California.

In awarding the prizes at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in Stockholm, the Nobel Committee said in a news release: “For a long time optical microscopy was held back by a presumed limitation: that it would never obtain a better resolution than half the wavelength of light. Helped by fluorescent molecules the Nobel Laureates in Chemistry 2014 ingeniously circumvented this limitation. Their ground-breaking work has brought optical microscopy into the nanodimension”. (1)

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We believe we have progressed. But science is still based on one and very limited foundation pillar: What we SEE. From the Unbelieving Thomas to modern biologists, we all have to see in order to believe.

We cannot see that our eyes are not our eyes.
Democritus chose to pull them off.
So as he was not blinded by their use…

We do not trust our intuition.
We do not trust our mind.

We already know what we see before we see it.
We already understand things without ever laying eyes on them.
We already had the greatest Science before we had the first microscope.
We stopped having good Science the moment we started using one…

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