Category: Observations

  • Microscopes as the Death of Science…

    Two Americans and a German researcher on Wednesday were awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for their work fine-tuning optical microscopy so that molecular processes could be viewed in real time. The 2014 laureates in chemistry are Eric Betzig of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute in Virginia; Stefan W. Hell of the Max Planck Institute […]

  • The sound of atoms… The sound of the universe…

    What does an atom sound like? Apparently it’s a “D-note”. That’s according to scientists at Chalmers University of Technology in Göteborg, Sweden, who have revealed in a new study that they’ve captured the sound of a single atom. “We have opened a new door into the quantum world by talking and listening to atoms,” study […]

  • Speed of light. Speed of change.

    Were physicists all wrong about the speed of light? You might think so, given the stories posted recently about a new paper suggesting that light travels a bit more slowly than the 186,000-miles-a-second figure that’s familiar to generations of science geeks. “The speed of light has almost mythical significance in physics”, Tyson told The Huffington […]

  • Curiosity, microbes, observing.

    A recent study of swabs taken from the rover before it launched found its surfaces contained 65 bacteria species. Engineers are supposed to put spacecraft like Curiosity through a stringent cleaning regimen before launch. Yet certain species of bacteria are known to survive even NASA’s cleanrooms. Wondering about what remained on Curiosity even after cleaning, […]

  • Mindfulness’ meditation. Gene expression.

    It’s no secret that mindfulness meditation – a practice that encourages focusing attention on the present moment – can ease emotional stress. And evidence is mounting that mindfulness also may have key benefits for your physical health – from lowering blood pressure to helping curb addiction. But a new study conducted by researchers working in […]