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Professor Ted Honderich in his book On Determinism and Freedom (2005) argues that the notion of free will that lies behind all talk of choices and responsibility is incoherent, and cannot be assimilated to the account of physical reality the sciences have arrived at. In particular, Honderich objects to the notion of origination: that is, to the claim that an action can originate from a deliberate, conscious choice without prior physical cause. He argues that any decision is instead in reality an event or series of events in the neural pathways of one’s brain, and that all such events are embedded within physical causal sequences. (1)

DNA. epigenetics, gods...

We are free.
We are enslaved to the laws of physics.
We formulate the laws of physics. (observer/ quantum mechanics)

We are gods.

And we are bound by the laws we create.

Simply accept the antiphasis.
And the antiphasis will be no more…