Music with the eyes. I mean the brain. I mean the…


Ever since musician Eduardo Miranda met a patient with locked in syndrome 11 years ago, he has been on a mission to create a way for the paralyzed to make music.
His latest invention is the brain computer music interface (BCMI) which allows people to create music using just their eyes.

By connecting electrodes to the back of the head, the system can tell where you’re looking by monitoring brain activity. Flashing icons representing different snippets of music appear on screen and you can make a selection, just by staring at one.
In real time, a musician plays a score generated from the user’s selections. (1)

There you go.
Music with the eyes.
Or is it the brain?
But… could it be something else?

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We want to see the eyes as the protagonist here.
We want to see the brain as the protagonist here.

But it is the mind which really controls everything.
The point is that these people WANT to make music.

Keep staring at that flesh.
No, it will not play music on its own.
Everything is lifeless.
Except the One which gives life to all…

Put out tour eyes.
Take off your hands.
Listen to the beautiful music filling the cosmos…

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