DNA. Bacteria. Life in… Everywhere!


A new study in mice has shown that the DNA of bacteria that live in the body can pass a trait to offspring in a way similar to the parents’ own DNA. According to the authors, the discovery means scientists need to consider a significant new factor — the DNA of microbes passed from mother to child — in their efforts to understand how genes influence illness and health. (1)

Another study shows that bacteria may be able to jump between host species far easier than was previously thought. (2)

We like to see life contained in boxes. In DNA. In a molecule. In a body.

But life cannot be contained. Life is not the limited idea we have about it. Life is everywhere. And I bet we will soon discover more ways via which traits are passed over to new generations or even to older generations – why not? Do we need bacteria to remind us of what we have forgotten? Or do we just need to look inside our self?

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We have invented time in a timeless cosmos which just exists.

We have invented death in a cosmos full of Being.

We see ”life” where everything just Is.

Bacteria, humans, DNA, molecules, dirt, air, fire. Can’t you see they are not important? Can’t you see they are not essential? Can’t you feel there is something magical transcending the cosmos?

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