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Being the second. Being the first. Living a lie. Accepting grandure…


What if the first Classical Greek Marathon winner was not a winner?

What if the first Olympics marathon winner had cut through… fields?

What if the man who came in the second place, a man now forgotten, is the true winner of the First Modern Olympics marathon? (1)

Would you be able to stand such a lie? Would you be able to live while knowing you had been cheated? Would you be able to live which knowing you were first and yet everyone thinks you failed? Does it matter at all? Does it matter whether one is successful or whether he has failed?

The only way to withstand the world is to love you.

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To know thyself and be indifferent to anyone else.

Indifferent because by knowing yourself you will love the cosmos.

Because the cosmos is you. And you are the cosmos.

Without effort simply flow through the universe. Look at the life passing by. Do live but by not living. Let go. Grandure is what we need. Get wronged. Get mistreated. Get over it. Grandure is what the cosmos needs. Are you ready to offer it? Do not destroy the cosmos with your little desires and weaknesses. Just accept it. Without cutting through the fields…

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  1. patternsofsouldevelopment

    “To know thyself and be indifferent to anyone else.” Incidently I can so totally relate to this right at this moment. At times, one just needs to lower oneself down, stoop that low so that only God can have a glimpse of him; when flattened by destiny’s road roller, wait! A time will come when you’ll be able to pull yourself back up and standing – no matter what others think … anyway they can’t get a thing of what’s happening, because they aren’t willing to stoop down, really see what’s happening. Too stiff; until their turn will come.

    1. Dave

      I don’t believe the lowering and pulling yourself back up is necessary. If you know yourself destiny’s road roller will not flatten you unless you judge yourself by others standards. Difficult to achieve that level of self knowledge, but worthwhile to pursue.

      1. patternsofsouldevelopment

        Thank you, Dave, for your kind and wise words. The problem is that, even when we succeed at knowing ourselves to the point of being above others’ petty judgment, there’s always an Achilles’ heel left, and others can attack you trough people that are dear to you: family, children, etc.

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