Sex from the age of eight?!? As long as we look “progressive”… [or: Why we hate children]


Norway educating children at the age of eight (8) on sex. (1) In the name of progressiveness we make our children adults before they even get a chance to play with Playmobil. We get them to shows, we make them sing, we watch them dance in front of millions of TV viewers. We believe it is “cute” to see them behave like adults. Perhaps we believe it is also “right”.

But a child needs to be a child.

A child needs to play with toys.

A child needs to just laugh.

A child needs to be loved.

A child does not need to… fuck!

Learning about sex is something good. But only when the time is right. Too late and the consequences could be tragic. Too early and the consequences could be disastrous. Children imitate adults. As soon as they see something they want to try it out. Do we really want to teach them everything about how to fuck years before they are physically ready to do so? Humans are beings with intelligence and soul. Making sex our new god is the best way to get again in line with all the beasts. But not even those have sex from their childhood.

European countries are having an auction of progressiveness.

Soon another country will lower the age limit for sex education.

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And then another country will lower that limit once more.

Until sex is something logical from the age of… Well. Who cares?

As long as we look “progressive”…

Being a child is the most precious thing of all. And we tend to destroy it. We value adulthood for it’s wisdom. But only children can understand the world without understanding the world. Only children live without thinking. Truly loving. Honestly experiencing. We want to destroy children and bring “wisdom” to the cosmos. As truly stupid people we like to promote our stupidity.

As long as we look “progressive”…

Free spirits, that is what they are. Enslaved into bodies, in their first steps trying to escape. Showing in every possible way their spirituality. Lauging with no reason. Loving with no reason. And we hate children. We want to destroy those free spirits, put them into our little boxes. So that we can understand them. So that we can control them. And most of all, so that we can forget that we once were like this.

If babies could talk, they would speak the highest level of philosophy.

If babies could talk, they would vote for the conservatives…

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