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Let the chicken be. Live. [An argument against analysis of anything]

Small house in the desert...
Small house in the desert…

Birds evolved from dinosaurs 150 million years ago, a slow but thorough transformation. Their bodies gained aerodynamic feathers, their digits fused into wings, and they acquired a beak used to gather food.

We can see some details of this evolutionary marvel in the fossil record. Yet even the most exquisitely preserved fossil can’t tell us which pieces of DNA had to change in order to turn ground-running dinosaurs into modern birds.

Some researchers are now trying to pinpoint those genetic changes with experiments on chicken embryos. If the scientists succeed, they should eventually be able to reverse the evolution of birds — and then they may be able to engineer animals more at home in “Jurassic Park” than in a henhouse. (1)

No matter if in this case they are right or wrong, one thing is for sure: When you know the result it is easy to find ways to justify it. Predicting the unknown is what is hard. And the unknown is already known only if you stop seeing into the future. The unknown is already known in the past. What will happen is what already has happened. Birds, dinosaurs, humans, consciousness, matter, electrons, free will, myths, Jupiter, God, Big Bang, a universe with no cause, a cosmos with purpose, a life with no purpose, anything.

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Anything exists as long as you believe it does.

Because we are shaping the reality we live in.

Why does it matter so much what happened in the past? Why can’t we live in the present? Whatever happed to the dinosaurs happened. Sure knowing what happened will help us predict things so… so what? In the end we all die. In the end we all exist here and now. And no matter how long we are in the cosmos, our agony of the “Why” remains the same. And the only way to address it is to accept our own self as a Being which is NOW here.

Imagine how you would feel sorry about someone in the future trying to find out what happened to you. You are that someone. Losing your life trying to analyze the lives of others.

Let the chicken be.

It is much more wise than you are.

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