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Being unique, the Purpose of life & Running… (but not because you like it!) [free will, purpose of life etc]

Runners - couple running
Runners – couple running

What on earth do runners think about while pounding the pavement mile after mile after mile? Mostly, they think about how miserable they are. At least that’s what a new, first-of its-kind study of elite runners seems to show.

For the study, 10 long-distance runners used audio recorders so they could speak aloud their thoughts while completing an eight-mile run. Then researchers analyzed the recordings — more than 18 hours in all — and found that about 40 percent of the runners’ thoughts pertained to distance and pacing, and about 28 percent had to do with the immediate environment.

But about 32 percent of the thoughts were more along these lines: “I hate this! I hate this! I hate this!”. (1)

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Doing things we do not like. Because we “should” like them. Afraid to like what we like. Afraid to accept your own will.

The story of our life…

The world is One. The world is unique. And the whole needs totally unique monads to be complete. Only being totally unique on your own can make you totally embedded in the uniqueness of the One. Only totally unique monads can cover all aspects of One and complete the puzzle.

Let go. You are not unique. You are nothing. Just part of something complete.

And for this, you are unique…

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