Naming things. In astronomy and elsewere. We are doomed.

Man standing by lake covered with fog, rear view

The International Astronomical Union’s (IAU) job is to name things in space, and this can be very difficult sometimes. It makes sense, because there are likely billions of exoplanets in our galaxy, and we need to have a system for naming them all. Thankfully, the IAU is learning from past mistakes. From now on it will let citizens vote on the names for 20 planetary systems and some of the proposed names are actually… fun. The planet HD 149026 b, for example, could soon be called Jaenerys (a Game of Thrones character), or Jumbotsuruta, after a Japanese pro wrestler.… (1)

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In the old days we had things we respected.

In the old days, we named planets out of gods.

Now we have Playstation and Game of Thrones.

Our life is empty, because we chose to not believe.

We believe believing is for children.

But children built the world.

We prefer being adults.

So sad…

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  1. gonmrm

    How interesting, can’t wait to have a gigantic celestial body with my name haha! Thanks for sharing that. Visit my blog, maybe you’ll enjoy it as much as I enjoyed your post!

    1. skakos

      Thanks man. Will have a look!

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