Science: NOT explaining. Being: NO reason.


Several exploding stars have been found outside the cozy confines of galaxies, where most stars reside. These wayward supernovae are also weird because they exploded billions of years before their predicted detonations. Using archived observations from several telescopes, astronomers have developed a theory for where these doomed stars come from and how they arrived at their current homes. (1)

Everything can be explained.

Because we actually explain nothing.

We just reproduce what we see. And describe it.

But it takes more to understand.

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It takes an empty mind to grasp the meaning of everything.

A mind ready to accept without understanding, without explaining.

It actually takes nothing to understand.

And that is why it is so hard…

Everything can be explained.

And that is why explaining means nothing.

Nothing can be explained.

Everything is without reason.

Existence itself is the reason.




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