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Northwestern University professor Nina Kraus shed light on one of the brain’s most complex tasks – making sense of sound – during the recent Falling Walls conference in Berlin.

“The sounds of our lives change our brain”, said Kraus, an inventor, amateur musician and director of Northwestern’s Auditory Neuroscience Lab in the School of Communication. “In our lab, we investigate how our life in sound changes the brain, and how different forms of enrichment or decline influence how our brain processes sound”.

To measure the brain’s response to sound, researchers play speech or music directly into the ears of study volunteers. The scientists then measure the electricity created by the brain as it translates sound through sensors attached to participants’ heads. Results from a series of studies involving thousands of participants from birth to age 90 suggest that the brain’s ability to process sound is influenced by everything from playing music and learning a new language to aging, language disorders and hearing loss. (1)

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So our ability to process sound is influenced by… everything…

Tautologies, through data analysis.

Another way of Science saying nothing.

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