Gravitational Waves: Discovered. So long ago…

Some time ago a lot of fuss was created for the discovery of gravitational waves. [1]


Living in a unique cosmos.

A cosmos where everything exist in unison.

Afraid of the consequences of such unity, we DECIDED to split the cosmos into many pieces. And now we just see and analyze these pieces separately.

Once in a while someone comes to remind them of the unity of the cosmos. That everything affects everything. That all beings and things are interconnected – with gravitational waves, with cosmic sympathy, with love…

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But still we do not believe it. We want “proof”.

And wait for hundreds of years for that proof.

Then we see.

But again not what we are supposed to see.

Listen to Parmenides.

The ripples of his poem rip through time…

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  1. jason freedman

    Hello Skakos This was very beautiful!!

    I am a big fan of your chess program and the AI u created.

    I am a budding computer programmer who is trying to learn C#. I have been reverse engineering your source code for Huo Chess and am trying to figure out how you get the picturebox.BackColor of your squares to stay a certain color? For instance in your resources folder for the pieces you have a Red Queen with a white background but not a black background, and a White Queen for a white Background but no White Queen with a Black Background? When i try swapping my pictureBoxes it over laps the BackColor and i cant figure out how to get my backgrounds transparent. Is it in the .gif file? is it somewhere else im not seeing? HELP!! How do i get my .picturebox.backcolor to stick?

    I feel like sticking my head in a blender to rid me of this headache i cant figure this out.

    And all i really want to do is make a chess game for me and my brother.

    Thank you if you could reply please.

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