Exact sciences?!? Says who?

The winner usually writes the history, people say.

And this is exactly what happened with the ideological winners of the battle between atheism and religion: science became the “proof” that we can know things “objectively” (see previous posts in Harmonia Philosophica @ Blogger of whether such an “objective” reality can even exist) and that we can measure things in an “exact” way.

All other sciences were tagged as more “theoretical”, as if they have nothing to do with the “reality” (despite the fact that philosophers have been looking for that “reality” for centuries to no avail).

But what can we measure? Happiness? Sorrow? Love?

What can we prove? Can we prove axioms? Can we prove the consistency of any theory (Gödel is so much forgotten and for a reason)

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Exact sciences are sciences were we create theories right out of our head in order to formulate scientific models to describe the world. Nothing to do with “truth”. Nothing to do with “reality”. On the other hand all the “theoretical” sciences deal with issues so human that they should be named the only actual exact sciences we have.

White. Black.

Black. White.


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