Laws of movement. Ignorance of everything. [Religion -> Science. Science -> Nothing]

When we look things in the details, it is easier to find laws which describe what we see. But when you go to the macro-level, things get harder.

We know the details of the planetary movements. We do not know why they move and what created the universe in the first place. We know how particles behave. We do not know what particles are in the first place.

But the macro-level is what actually describes everything. And one should start from that in order to build a solid understanding of all things. How can you describe the behavior of something you do not know what it is? What is the point in describing the movement of something you do not understand why it is here?

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In the old days people started with religion. And they ended up with science.

Now people start from science. And they end up with dead-ends.

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