No! Science has not “proved” that consciousness is generated by the brain.

A simple and yet elusive truth:

Science has not proved that consciousness is generated by the brain!

And yet. So many people believe that something like this is proved. People who are just not capable of understanding philosophy or who are just lazy to see beyond the veil of materialistic propaganda spread by the media. They tend to believe anything as long as it is in accordance with the mainstream fashion of today’s “progressed” era. And for these people it could really make a difference to clarify this simple truth in order to spare them from false perceptions regarding some of the major philosophical issues which could affect your life profoundly.

The problem: Mainstream science (and mass media supporting it) claim that we know that the brain generates consciousness because we see the brain functioning in this or that way when a person thinks. Hence, materialism is true. (and of course all related research is valid and worthwhile – who would dare to question all research done in the brain today?)

The solution (via TV analogy): Materialism is an old obsolete philosophical DOGMA. It is not a scientific solution or a scientific conclusion! Materialism has not even solved the basic problem of where matter came from in the first place (!!!), would it be serious to claim that it has solved any other problem? Scientists claim they see how brain generates consciousness because if the brain is damaged, there is no consciousness. But think of it another way: I watch TV. When the TV brakes, the picture is gone. It is “obvious” that the pictures I see are produced by this box in front of me. Right? Wrong! So simple and yet so misleading. How come we think in a similar naive way when it comes to consciousness and the brain? Yes, ALL observational data we have is FULLY COMPATIBLE with this different way of thinking. Seeing the brain just as a “receiver” of consciousness is as legitimate and scientific as seeing it as the producer of consciousness! Seeing everything through the lenses of materialism (which is a starting point and not a conclusion) makes you see.. everything as matter. Self evident and obvious.

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Look closely. There is nothing to look at…

The solution (enhanced): In addition to the above, there seems to be a lot of evidence to support the non-materialistic nature of the mind. Search here and here and here for more on non-local consciousness.

We are not just a set of meat and bones!

We are luminous beings with soul!

Spiritual elevation is and must be the goal of every human being. Denying this simple truth based on materialistic propaganda can only hinder us from reaching and achieving our full potential. Try to see though the lies of the mainstream media. The truth is not always so obvious as watching CNN. These media were not able to predict Trump’s win even one hour before it happened, do you really believe they can solve one of the greatest philosophical problems?

Our place is among the stars.

And we will never be able to reach them if we CHOOSE to crawl in the dirt…

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