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Scientists found out that cats could be comprehending laws of physics. The study was published in the journal Animal Cognition.

The experiment involved observing the reactions of 30 cats — eight house cats and 22 cats that reside in cat cafes — to a series of four scenarios involving a container with an object inside that could rattle around.

Half the time, researchers manipulated the container and the object inside it so they obeyed the basic laws of physics. That means they shook the cup so that the object rattled around, then turned it over and the object fell out. Or, they shook the container with no sound, then turned it over and nothing came out.

The other half of the time, researchers made the object and container appear to defy laws of basic physics. They shook the container with the object rattling around, then turned it over and nothing came out. Or, they shook the container with no sound, then when they turned it over, the object fell out. (They were able to accomplish this using magnets and switches that controlled compartments within the cup)

Researchers randomized the order in which each cat encountered these conditions. What they found was the cats spent more time staring at the container during the weird scenarios than they did during the ones that supposedly made sense. The researchers interpreted this as meaning the cats were confused by the nonsensical scenarios. (1)

Observation: It destroys life… Can you observe your self?

Science is not special. Science is observation and simple logic. And yes, animals can do it too. A simple conclusion which may hurt the feelings of many, but true whatsoever.

We used to have philosophy and religion. Then stupid people came along. And we started having science. We used to trust our instinct. We used to see without our eyes. And now we have eyes which we believe in. Now we have data. Now we have scientific models.

But is this something special? Or is it something any animal can do too? Animals observe the cosmos. Animals derive conclusions and use them to improve their lives (science). Animals create tools (technology).

Animals do not ponder while watching the stars.

We used to be humans.

We have become animals.