Passion. Man. The duty of theosis.

Man is letting himself get carried away by passion. “This is who we are” some people claim. We are animals. And an animal is satisfied with just being.

But is this who we are? Are we just who we are or are we the potential we have to reach apotheosis? Is it not the duty of every being to become better day by day?

Human in Greek is «άνθρωπος», derived from «άνω» + «θρώσκω» = looking above. Humans are who they are because they have the potential and the will to become something better. We are beings with the potential of re-uniting with the One. Not just crude matter.

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Only when we accept our true nature, only when we listen carefully to that inner voice which calls for continuous spiritual anorthosis, will we become humans with the true Greek sense of the word.

Watch the stars.

Touch the moist soil.

That bird flies.

You are not.

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