Physicists have succeeded in detecting a time-resolved supernova signal in the Earth’s microfossil record. As the group shows, the supernova signal was first detectable at a time starting about 2.7 million years ago. According to the researcher’s analyses, our solar system spent one million years to transit trough the remnants of a supernova. (1)

Does it matter where we are?

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Does it matter where we go?

Search inside you.

During a sleepless night, while being alone in the bedroom.

This is what matters.

You are the supernova.

And the world flies through you…

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  1. alphachamber


    “So why do you believe what you say here matters? If you are just an accident I mean.”

    I did not say it matters to the universe. But I am communicating here withpeople, not with space-rocks – at least I hope so 🙂

    1. skakos

      I thought you said we are just accidents…

      1. alphachamber

        Where is the contradiction???
        I repeat (in essence):
        Man does not matter to the universe,
        he is an accident (or mistake?) of nature
        What I do or say (here) does not matter to the universe,
        it may – or not – matter to my fellow man.

  2. larryzb

    Riddles are amusing. Koans are enlightening.

    1. skakos

      Amusing can be enlightening too… 🙂

  3. alphachamber

    1. It does not matter
    2. We do not matter
    3. To the Universe, only its matter matters

    1. skakos

      Matter does not matter. Only what is not matter matters.

      1. alphachamber

        The Universe is matter. We are nothing but a “hive of living molecules” – a mere freak accident of nature. The cosmic rocks can’t argue back.
        Eventually (hopefully) matter will make a correction and man ends up back as coral colonies. The Universe will be “safe” again, lol (but I still mean what I wrote.)

      2. skakos

        So why do you believe what you say here matters? If you are just an accident I mean.

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