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Associate Professor Dr Joan Vaccaro, of Griffith’s Centre for Quantum Dynamics, has solved an anomaly of conventional physics and shown that a mysterious effect called ‘T violation’ could be the origin of time evolution and conservation laws. In her research published in The Royal Society Dr Vaccaro says T violation, or a violation of time reversal (T) symmetry, is forcing the universe and us in it, into the future. (1)

Spoiler: There is no explanation WHY this violation happened. The article just states that the theory which postulates such a violation can accommodate for the time flow we experience and the time arrow we see in physics.

We live in a world where we “feel” time flowing.

Science jargon, meaning, void...

Without knowing what time is. And yet we “feel” it. Could it just be that we learned to think this way? Could it be that in the beginning people did not even have the notion of “time” in their heads? Could we just be victims of a philosophical dogmatism like the “One parallel line can be drawn to a given straight line” case? Could we change the parallels axiom? Could we accept other principles? Could we imagine a paradoxical world?

Search your feelings.

You know it to be true…