Skepticism. Garbage.

We live in an era of skepticism. Skepticism which targets one specific way of thinking: The Christian way of thinking. But how can you differentiate between doubt and dogmatic denial? wondered William James.

How can one deny the logic behind the idea of someone designing the cosmos due to “skepticism” and yet accept as highly probable and “logical” the idea of a universe being without reason at all or the idea of people being simple sets of lifeless matter? The more you use specific axioms (e.g. materialism) as the basis of your thinking the more dogmatic you become. And the most definite characteristic of dogmatic people is their shouting so loud against dogmatism.

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Deep inside you know. Deep inside you are certain.

Otherwise you could not live at all.

Start being skeptic with skepticism.

And all darkness will come to light…

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  1. larryzb

    Very good points. As to James, did he not (as a pragmatist) see the pragmatic value of religion, as helping us to have a more virtuous society?

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