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You. Everywhere. [Thinking is about Thinking Everything]

When asked to visualize your childhood home, you can probably picture not only the house you lived in, but also the buildings next door and across the street. MIT neuroscientists have now identified two brain regions that are involved in creating these panoramic memories. These brain regions help us to merge fleeting views of our surroundings into a seamless, 360-degree panorama, the researchers say. (1)

Think something specific.

And you will end up thinking of that something and all its surroundings.

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Think something specific.

And you will visualize it inside a whole world.

It is not just your room. It is your mother. It is your house. It is your dog. It is your father. It is your school mates. It is your clouds. Your sky during that lonely day. Your rain. Your sorrow. Your happiness. Your sun…

It is you.


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