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A woman attempting abortion. An abortion which failed to kill the baby, which was born alive after all. A woman regretting the worst decision she ever took. Having to live forever with the death of her child (which died after all even though in the beginning it was alive – for enough time to make his mother love him and change her mind). (1)

Innanimate matter? Well, something more than that...

Humans have for a long time been philosophically dogmatic. And they have forgotten who they really are. Unfortunately, only the sight of a dead baby can make them see again from time to time…

No, it is not a “set of cells”.

No, the world is not a “set of atoms”.

No, the universe is not a “set of events”.

Brain. Mind. The plagues of modern science...

We are living creatures. Living and breathing in a luminous world, a world full of consciousness and love. A cosmos full of meaning. A world bull of beings. A world which can only become tragic when we forget our true nature.

Do you have a different opinion?

Go a walk to the nearest butcher shop.

Take a look at the dead meat there.

Forgetting who you are… One experience at a time…

Imagine everything is matter.

Imagine nothing matters.

Then go on and pay for your meat.

Go back home.

Eat the meat.

Sit and enjoy yourself.

After all it was just a dead baby.

Who cares…

Medium rare.