Do you believe in God? (yes, it matters for everything)

People like to believe that their beliefs regarding metaphysical or philosophical problems is something that matters only for after midnight discussions with friends over wine.

But they are wrong.

From discussing politics, to analyzing the brain.

From creating math, to pondering on philosophy.

From watching the stars, to exploring in the deepest cave.

It all comes down to whether you believe in human free will, in human’s spiritual nature, in your ability to discover things you cannot see or experience. It all depends on your faith in finding the truth, on your conviction that you are limitless even though you seem to have limits, on your faith that you can see even without your eyes, on your knowledge that you are not a mere randomly working lifeless purposeless machine. It all depends on your faith in your place in the world. It all depends on you believing that your actions and thoughts are not meaningless random movements of atoms.

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For all your actions.

For all the topics of discussion.

No matter how small or seemingly unimportant.

Fool not yourself.

Everything ends up to whether you believe in God or not…

Pick up that flower. Smell it. Does it remind you of something? Does it make you cry?

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