Speaking English. Speaking Spanish. Speaking… whatever. [Ghosts in the machine, or in the brain instead…]

The family of a 16-year-old Georgia boy is describing how he woke from a coma speaking Spanish instead of English. Reuben Nsemoh was playing goalie for a Gwinnett County team late last month when another player accidentally kicked him in the head while he was diving for the ball, local ABC affiliate WSB-TV reported.

The high school sophomore, who has now suffered three soccer-related concussions, fell into a coma for several days. When he woke up, he could only speak in Spanish instead of English.

Reuben, whose English has since returned, said he knew a little Spanish because his friends and a brother speak the language. But he’d never felt comfortable holding a conversation in Spanish before his injury, he said. “I wasn’t perfect, but my brother is a really fluent Spanish speaker, so he kind of inspired me with that too,” he told WSB. His Spanish gradually slipped away after he woke up, Reuben said. (1)

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The brain knows things the mind is not aware of.

All input is somewhere somehow recorded.

And readily available for anyone who can access them.

Now imagine something bigger than the Spanish language you heard once. Imagine that your brain/ mind has interfered with the whole cosmos. Imagine that your brain/ mind interferes with the whole cosmos constantly from ever since you were born. Imagine you being in a universe and constantly learning without ever knowing you learn.

Now imagine you are dumb.

Imagine you know nothing.

How absurd that sounds?

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