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Climate change. Accepting…

Washington State University archaeologists are at the helm of new research using sophisticated computer technology to learn how past societies responded to climate change. (1)

The study is trying to understand how people in the past changed the species of crops or the types of animals they bred when climate changed in the past.

However, this study is missing one very fundamental aspect of the whole problem. One aspect we choose not to see because it will unsettle us from the way we have learnt to think for hundreds of years now.

People in the past coped with changes in climate not because they pre-planned things. They coped with changes in climate because they just… accepted change in climate. And as a result of that they were able to adapt. Instead of doing so, we are trying to plan everything beforehand. We are trying to design new species, to design new crops, before anything happens because we see it will happen. As if the change will happen so fast that we will not be able to cope if we didn’t do so. We are so much preoccupied with being prepared for everything, that in the process we lose not only our own calmness, time and money, but our soul as well. We are all well prepared for everything, but we fail to see that we have stopped savoring the very thing we started to protect in the first place.

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Spending billions of dollars in research.

And yet people starve and die of hunger as we speak.

Soon we will have the perfect species designed for the future.

Soon, all people will be starving.

Even the fed ones…

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